Friday, 12 October 2012

SPARKAH Profile: Ben Szwediuk

Ben Szwediuk is a writer based in the UK who has worked with Sparkah and their marketing team for around a year. He is an expert in Google Search, blogging and search copywriting.

Not only does Ben’s writing style and structure drive content up Google’s listings, what distinguishes him from many other SEO copywriters and bloggers is that he also a professional film and sports journalist. Ben has a portfolio which includes ESPN, Yahoo, Telegraph blogs, and WhatCulture among others, and it is this experience which can give your content a distinct advantage. 

Many corporate and company blogs and sites suffer from the same problem; that is, their goods and services are described in terms which are too technical and removed from the experiences of the layperson, which usually comprises the bulk of their target audience. Ben’s skill is to be able to simply and visually describe the process of your product and service in a manner that is both relevant and engaging to the consumer, while retaining the technical attributes that will force your site or blog towards the top of Google’s listings.

In addition, if you are interested in embarking upon an advertising campaign, Ben has trained and worked as a scriptwriter at the Welsh International Film School, and has consulted on a number of Masters graduation projects, as well as on a freelance basis for advertisers and producers like the BBC. 

We at Sparkah can thoroughly recommend Ben’s services. He is currently working out of the United Kingdom, and can be contacted through any of the following listings:

Tel (UK): 07955113730
Fax and Voicemail (International): 206-202-3800

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