Friday, 12 October 2012

SPARKAH Profile: Korean Animators

If you require visual or pictorial content for your website or project, Sparkah have been working with two very talented young South Korean illustrators/animators capable of creating unique and striking imagery.

The style of their art is reminiscent of contemporary Japanese illustration, but certainly distinctive enough to make their work stand out from those working in that medium.  Their personal information and contact details can be viewed at, and we urge you to speak with them if you are seeking a vision which will dazzle customers and clients in Europe and America.

Although the art and design market is currently experiencing something of a depression, making quality artwork relatively inexpensive, these designers remain outstanding in their quality, speed and reliability, and value for money. We will place some samples of their outstanding work on our website and we can vouch for their exceptional reliability, and willingness to work 24 hours a day to ensure their artwork is completed to deadline, no matter how tight. 

We hope they become as valuable a client to you have they have been for us.

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