Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Gloves are Off: Sam Boo Spars with Transvestite to Prepare for Alex Reid!

Alex Reid is a man in the invidious position of being the UK’s most well-known Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, despite the fact that only a fraction of the people who have heard of him have seen him fight. That will all change at 11pm on the 1st of December 2012 as Channel 5 become the first terrestrial British television channel to broadcast a live MMA event when they cover BAMMA 11 from the Birmingham NEC.

Alex Reid leapt into the broader public consciousness when he began a relationship with the ubiquitous post-glamour model “celeb”, Katie Price (Jordan). This led to a stint in Celebrity Big Brother, and then a television career of his own. Recently, however, it was the demise of his relationship with another former Big Brother contestant, Chantelle Houghton, which caught the attention of the tabloids.
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Houghton- with whom Reid recently had a daughter named Dolly- made a series of extraordinary allegations in a twitter rant about her former partner while he was in training for his comeback fight against Sam Boo at BAMMA 11. Those allegations included that Reid was a transvestite, bisexual, and had transformed the then-couple’s bedroom into a sex dungeon. Reid has since qualified or denied some of these statements. However, they appear to have provided the perfect material for pre-fight goading by opponent, Boo, ahead of their 1st of December clash on Channel 5.

This week, in an effort to antagonise the veteran, Reid, Boo and his camp issued a series of photographs and a promotional video of him sparring with a burly transvestite named “Roxanne” as part of his fight preparation! In the video Boo claims he is the younger, fitter man, and that Reid has not trained hard enough to defeat him. He had better hope these pictures do not fire the celebrity cage-fighter to up his game. 


As for Roxanne, very little is known about her fighting background- but she doesn't look like the sort of girl you'd want to mess with!

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