Friday, 28 February 2014

Belfort Denies Pulling Out of Weidman Fight

Vitor Belfort, the UFC's number 1 ranked middleweight contender, has denied withdrawing from his from his title fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 173 in Las Vegas.

This week, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that it would be banning the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for fighters claiming a medical need for the treatment. Almost immediately Dana White stated that the Ultimate Fighting Championship would be adopting this as its own standard for all fights, including those which took place outside the state of Nevada.

A day later it was widely reported that Vitor Belfort had withdrawn from his proposed fight with Weidman- which had been due to take place in Las Vegas- as a consequence. However, this afternoon, Belfort issued a statement catergorically deying that this was the case:

"I never gave up fighting at UFC 173 and never said that. Therefore, any information published in any medium of communication announcing this is not true.

What was announced that I'll be "giving up the TRT" and not "giving up the fight" to continue my dream of fighting.

The UFC decided to put another opponent in my place because I do not have the required time to adapt myself to the new rules of the NSAC. According to the UFC, will face the winner of Weidman vs. Lyotto within the new regulations of all athletic commissions.

I regret that this happened, and I thank the strength and understanding of all the fans, sponsors, and UFC's own athletic commissions. "

Belfort has been singled out for criticism for his use of TRT having tested positive for an anabolic steroid in 2006. Steroid use is one of the most frequent causes of low testosterone production in young men.

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